View of Outdoor dining area at Hotel Kazbek

Kazbek Dining Experience

Dubrovnik Restaurant at Hotel Kazbek

Also open for non-hotel guests

Croatia is a small country with an abundant culinary tradition. The modest area comprises three diverse geographical regions where continental, mountainous and Mediterranean climate intertwine. As part of the rich cultural heritage, Croatian cuisine has also been shaped through centuries of ever-changing and turbulent history. Today we could name it the cuisine of four elements, as its flavors are influenced by the sea, sun, winds and fertile land. The beauty of Croatian gastronomic traditions lies in their simplicity, infused by fresh, seasonal ingredients, but also in the art of processing, cooking and sharing food.

Croatian cuisine is a way of life. Precisely that aspect has been decisive in the protection of Mediterranean diet as intangible cultural heritage – the tradition of eating together is the foundation of the cultural identity and continuity of communities throughout the Mediterranean basin. It emphasizes the importance of family gatherings, social exchange and communication, as well as the values of hospitality, intercultural dialogue and creativity. The Croatian continental cuisine shares these principles, while it tells a different, heartier story. 

Our menu is the selection of the most beautiful Croatian culinary fairytales, seasoned with a pinch of modernism and the freshest local produce, accompanied by best Croatian wines for a complete gourmet experience. All you have to do is savor the flavors.

Our menu reflects a pride in Croatian cuisine and produce. Our ingredients are the finest and freshest available, and of course are all locally produced.

The Kazbek Hotel in Dubrovnik is proud to present three elegant dining & cocktail venues in Dubrovnik.

Dining experience

Enjoy your breakfast, lunch or dinner at our outstanding outdoor courtyard or in our elegant vaulted restaurant. 

Open to guests not staying at the hotel as well


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Indoor dining area of Kazbek Restaurant at Hotel Kazbek

The Kazbek Restaurant

The Kazbek restaurant, located on the ground level in the hotel is very appreciated because of the old stone vault creating a peaceful and historic atmosphere.

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Outdoor dining area in The Courtyard Terrace at Hotel Kazbek

The Courtyard Terrace

The Courtyard Terrace located within the walls of Kazbek offers a relaxed ambience surrounded by lush Mediterranean vegetation.

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Sitting area at The Balcony in Hotel Kazbek

The Balcony

When you are ready for cocktails and conversation, our lovely Balcony Terrace overlooking the lively Gruz Bay is a perfect venue. 

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Pool Bar

Our Pool Bar is a perfect place to have a light lunch or refreshing cocktail or drink and stay refreshed & hydrated while enjoying a swim.

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Cafe Salon

Enjoy your afternoon coffee and cake immersing yourself in a timeless elegance of our Cafe Salon.

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